cozy cafe overlooking a snowy street

Tiny snowflakes are blitzing down so fast. I’m gazing out these giant picture windows, past old men reading the paper over their coffee, out at the road and sidewalk and shopping mall. A Bobcat drives by to clear the sidewalk.

“Precision Guess Work”

This fit with the latest post: There is nothing like sitting in a meeting, listening to new experts explain a situation to established experts, knowing that you haven’t really gotten involved but thinking the new experts had some gaping holes…

What I Wish People Knew About Engineers

engineers watching flying fire

Coming up, I’m starting a new, six-part series about what I wish people knew about engineers. This is inspired by assumptions I’ve encountered at conventions, committees, church, and anywhere else I’ve spent time interacting with non-engineers; there are a plethora…


Shannon tried to draw

There are three things you should know: I’m in love with my 18-year-old car, Cleveland weather is bipolar, and I secretly want to write webcomics. ¬†While skipping work to binge on XKCD and Wasted Talent, I recalled an old marketing…