Wiki: Kemtewet “Geography”

The Kemtewet Empire was responsible for colonizing all populated worlds in the galaxy except Earth, the Kemtewet capital world of Sais, and Gertewet worlds. It consists of 84 planets indexed in the standard navigation system: the Imperial capital, five kingdom capitals, 25 lord capitals, and 50 outlying support worlds. The Kemtewet also established a three-planet penal colony colloquially known as the Grand Empire to relocate subversive  elements, both human and Kemtewet. Other systems are known to have activity and semi-permanent populations, such as shipyards and intelligence depots, but these are not included in the standard navigation system.

Planet location designations are normalized by mean free distance between habitable worlds [estimated by 3/4 of the cubed root of (the volume of the galaxy divided by the number of habitable planets)] where (0,0,0) is Earth and (1,0,0) is Sais.