News: November 2014

I am so happy to hear someone checks my website for book status! (You know who you are.) Here’s the latest news…

Publishing Prospects

I’m planning to submit Rights of Use to the Cleveland Writers Press, because they asked, but first, I need to pull together an outline. Again. Unfortunately, ROU doesn’t meet CWP’s stated submission guidelines; it’s about 35% short. If they reject it, I’m hoping to submit to Loconeal, where it seems to be a much better fit; it’s nearly in the middle of their word count window.

Current Projects

Aside from being backlogged and remiss in updating the websites, I’m also working with my writing group to revise Laws Among Friends. There’s a lot less work to be done than for ROU, because the plot structure is okay in the first draft, but some sprucing up and embellishment won’t hurt it. After all, this will be most readers’ incentive for picking up The Announcement, which has been loads of fun so far.

And besides, havoc, mayhem, gunfire, and treaties–what could go wrong?

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