Review: Deadline (Blood Trails #1)

4.5 stars


Shade Renard aspires to be more than just a village witch, but she didn’t expect her first job as a private investigator to be for a vampire. With high stakes, Otherworld diversity, and smooth storytelling, this book hits all the checkmarks for urban fantasy/mystery, but what makes it endearing is the vibrancy of the relationship between Shade and her pixie familiar. The parent/child dynamic is sweet and sassy and a beautiful contrast to the potential darkness of a vampire recovering stolen goods. The second career transition is also a good reminder to be true to one’s purpose. I’m hooked and excited for the rest of the series.

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I was halfway through this one when I met up with Jennifer for a second time at Marcon 2019. We talked about comparing audiences for our books. That conversation got me thinking about who I would recommend this to, more than I do for other books I read. Personally, I relate well, because I’d like to one day transition my career to something more centered on my passions than what I trained for. (Like Shade seeking to be a PI after training for… centuries? as a village witch.)

But the parent/child dynamic between Shade and her pixie familiar Peasblossom, as well as pursuits of items in the enchanted bottomless bag of holding, have me recommending this to mothers in particular, especially those juggling careers and dependents/family.