Secret Service Optional


This research is an answer to my writing group about whether the mechanics behind the book currently under review, Laws Among Friends, are feasible.

lot of people are under the protection of the Secret Service, according to US Code cited by Cornell: not just the President and Vice-President and their elected successors but also their families, former Presidents and spouses, former Presidents’ children under age 16, visiting heads of foreign governments, and distinguished foreign visitors to the United States. Interestingly enough, Secret Service security is optional for everyone but the President, Vice President, and presidential successors.

My plot breathes a sigh of relief, as I can’t imagine Maggie being a superb NFI-Com agent with Secret Service agents peeking over her shoulder and clearing restrooms for her. Besides, she’s more fun with more autonomy.

My plot’s little brother jumps up and down with excitement. “Distinguished foreign visitors” is such an interesting term, especially in light of developments in The Announcement.

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