There are three things you should know: I’m in love with my 18-year-old car, Cleveland weather is bipolar, and I secretly want to write webcomics.  While skipping work to binge on XKCD and Wasted Talent, I recalled an old marketing play to attract people to my website by posting webcomics.  It’s a great concept, really: I generate more content for people to road for free, so I can trick them into paying for content that’s actually edited and published.

So I conjure up my amusing anecdote for the day: how Cleveland’s bipolar weather, today taking the form of 50 mph gusts, hijacked my plan to go car shopping.   It’d be a pictorial tale of how I wasted an hour and two trips down to the parking lot, trying to clean out my mobile storage unit, all the while impeded by  hair knotting in my face, pelting bits of flammable mulch, and escaping Halloween decorations. Your basic day in the life of someone fool enough to set down roots in a part of the would with weather.

(Yes, I know everywhere in the world has weather.)

I pick up my tablet pen, crack open my favorite graphic design program, and the magic comes pouring out on the screen…


I think I’ll stick to the written word for a while.

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