Rights of Use


Rights of Use: Project Black Book Volume 1, by Shannon Eichorn +extra zoomzoom and planetshine

In the 1960s, Project Blue Book assured America that no aliens visited its amber waves or shining seas.

Thirty years later, Project Black Book knows better and has the flying saucers to prove it, but they still can’t stop the body-possessing Kemtewet from scooping their pick of young women from Earth to host an alien queen.

Sarah Anderson yearned for an escape from her new life in PA, but not for this: being kidnapped by aliens and faced with a choice between having a Kemtewet queen erase her brain or sharing her body with a Gertewet insurgent. Unless the Air Force can rescue her in time, it’s either death or a chance to make a difference in the galaxy, because with Sarah, the Gertewet have one last shot to end the Kemtewet Empire and free billions of humans subject to their body markets.

In a war over consent, only some things are black and white.

You are not alone on August 28, 2018.

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Rights of Use is like The Host with more action and Lives of Tao with less training. Also, a bit less Earth and more travel.

Cover design by Mallory Rock of Rock Solid Book Design