Aphrodite, Inc. Part I

It’s a simple system: you grant Aphrodite, Inc., access to all your social media accounts. She computes your ideal mate and a date and time for the wedding, usually before you graduate high school. Divorce rates have dropped. Married couples are happier than ever. The system is perfect. Except Dre and Alex were never meant to be matched.

Wiki: Tewet

Tewet are a species of genetically-engineered aliens adapted from aquatic parasites on a water world at (0.5, 0, 0). They were developed to be biological memory augmentation devices, but they developed unexpected self awareness after general release. Most of the…

Wiki: Kemtewet History

The Kemtewet Empire was established shortly after Neith consolidated her power on Keidem and abolished the augmentation development program. When it became apparent that Kemtewet population growth would outpace human population growth, Empress Neith established colony worlds to both grow…

TAS: Little Setira Goes to the Doctor

A deleted scene from the short story “This Alien Sympathy” (before Rights of Use, Project Black Book Volume 1). This warm-up scene was the bridge between the original idea and the story of how Setira got involved with the Gertewet. Originally, I was seeking only to explore more about the Kemtewet health care for human colonies, but that quickly turned into a “kill all the characters!” story.