TAS: Little Setira Goes to the Doctor

A deleted scene from the short story “This Alien Sympathy” (before Rights of Use, Project Black Book Volume 1). This warm-up scene was the bridge between the original idea and the story of how Setira got involved with the Gertewet. Originally, I was seeking only to explore more about the Kemtewet health care for human colonies, but that quickly turned into a “kill all the characters!” story.

Reflections on Becoming a Host

How weird is it to experience another intellect? There’s nothing like it. It’s confusing, it’s busy and chaotic and overwhelming. There’s confusion, revulsion, denial, anger. There’s a drive to escape or strike out, but you can’t. It’s under your skin. You can’t run from it, and you can’t hurt it. It just is. It has to be.