Reflections on Becoming a Host

How weird is it to experience another intellect? There’s nothing like it. It’s confusing, it’s busy and chaotic and overwhelming. There’s confusion, revulsion, denial, anger. There’s a drive to escape or strike out, but you can’t. It’s under your skin. You can’t run from it, and you can’t hurt it. It just is. It has to be.



For those out there following my progress, thank you for your interest! Here’s the scoop: my week off work didn’t help much (subjectively). I’m still plugging away as much as my discipline allows. Current analysis shows 21 scenes left at…


If you have to write a million words of crap, why not do it all on one book? (This is a terrible idea. You’ll get sick of the book and not have a broad variety of writing experience. Trust me.…